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    That's RIGHT thinking
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Solve problems more effectively with Right thinking

A flexible system that gets you to a great solution faster

Businesses are putting an increasing focus on fresh thinking. They know that as the world changes, they have to respond if they want to remain relevant. However, most businesses rely on brainstorms to generate ideas. Even although lots of studies show they’re terribly ineffective.

We've developed RIGHT thinking to help you reach effective solutions faster. It brings together proven approaches, scientific discoveries and decades of experience. It’s a powerful way to get from ‘I want a great solution’ to ‘I have a great solution’.

In short, RIGHT thinking gets you to more effective solutions more effectively.

RIGHT thinking is a process

Getting to the best solution involves a number of steps. They need to be done in order and they need to be done well.
We help you apply the right thinking at the right time. Which, in turn, gives you the best chance of reaching an effective solution.

The steps are simple:


50+ tools and techniques

To help you apply your thinking in the most effective way throughout the process, we've gathered over 50 tools and techniques. They include exercises that individuals can do as well as workshops for groups of all sizes. Many of the techniques include digital tools that have been specially built to broaden your thinking. And all of the techniques come with simple instructions to make sure you get the most out of them. Best of all, we're constantly adding to them to help you solve problems even more effectively.

Suitable for all kinds of problem

You can use RIGHT thinking to come up with effective solutions for anything. It works for small problems being tackled by one person all the way up to pan-organisational projects that last months. It can help you with:

  • Product innovation

  • Business strategy

  • Opening up new markets

  • Embracing new technology

  • Marketing ideas

  • More effective processes

  • Brand development

  • Absolutely anything else


Proven Techniques

RIGHT thinking draws on thinking from the worlds of consulting, advertising, design and innovation. It brings the best of the thinking together and packages it in a simple way that can be used right across an organisation.

Informed by science

Many of the RIGHT thinking techniques are inspired by discoveries in the worlds of neuroscience, behavioural economics, social science and numerous fields of psychology. We've taken the academic learnings and packaged them in a practical way that doesn't require any academic knowledge to use.


Grounded in experience

RIGHT thinking comes from years of experience generating ideas in the worlds of marketing, broadcast, publishing, music and theatre. It's based on a strong understanding of how to get the best ideas out of individuals and teams. And how to develop those ideas to make them as effective as possible.

Helping you solve problems

We'll work with you to find the right solutions

We're used to working with the world's biggest companies as well as the world's more interesting startups. And we're ready to help you solve your own problems.

We'll work with your team to get to an effective solution using RIGHT thinking as our guide. We'll scale the team to match the scope of the project, bringing in external experts as the need arises. And we'll take you all the way through to prototypes, if that's what you need.

The RIGHT thinking process is powerful and flexible. It works for every business problem we've come across so far. Whatever your industry, RIGHT thinking helps you come up with more effective solutions.

RIGHT thinking can help you
solve problems effectively

Teaching you to solve problems

We'll train your staff to solve problems more effectively

RIGHT thinking can help you generate more effective ideas for all kinds of problems, from small niggles to company-wide transformation projects. We'll train your staff on how to use it and give you access to our tools and techniques. You'll never need to hold an ineffective brainstorm ever again.

We have a number of courses covering different parts of the process. Each of them is practical and leaves attendees with tools and resources they can start using immediately. We can run them as in-person immersive sessions or as webinar-based courses for businesses with multiple locations.

Here are the courses that will transform your thinking:

What to expect from RIGHT thinking

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